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What to expect

Wedding/Special Event Pre-Shoot Consultations

Getting to know a couple is important to us. Upon receiving your initial inquiry we will set up a time and place to meet and chat a bit about all the details of your event. Meetings generally take about 60 to 90 mins and we usually will meet you at a time and place which is most convenient for you. This is typically at your home, a near-by Starbucks, Panera Bread, or any place with decent wifi really.  During our consultation we will show you our online portfolios, recent online and print features, and our super convenient image delivery system, PASS Premier. As you view all of the content we can discuss any questions you may have. It’s a wonderful chance for us to hear all about your event specifics: your vision, location, who will be there and so forth. Furthermore,  this will be your chance to make sure our personalities gel together. I can't stress enough the importance of feeling comfortable with the person who's going to be photographing you. This will also be the opportunity to confirm we are the perfect fit for you stylistically! We have years of photographic experience and even more experience in dealing with people and making them feel comfortable so if all goes well, we hope you will trust us to make your experience stress free and unforgettable. 


Once we are hired we will email you all the info about what to expect from us before, the day of, and after your event.



Portrait sessions

These sessions usually last about an hour and include a pre-shoot consultation by phone and your choice of location. We are primarily natural light photographers which means we like to shoot outside in the daylight. We typically try to shoot at a time know as "Golden Hour" which is one hour before sunset. So if we have it available, we will most likely schedule you in the early evening. This does not mean we can't shoot indoors. We have plenty of lighting and would be happy to accomodate you should you require an indoor location. Either way you will end up with stunning results. We are just sun flare loving, nature freaks, that love the way sunlight makes for radient skin and sparkling eyes! Nothing compares!


We usually shoot a combination of traditional and photo-journalistic styles of photography. This means we will guide you into some poses and positions but we will also capture a lot of  images naturally as we will guide you in actions to preform or just allow you to This is usually easiest when the client is in a comfortable enviroment in their own element. Keep this in mind when choosing a location for your session. If you are having trouble determining a location, we would be happy to reccommend a few locations for you! Please note sessions are to be paid for upon completion of the shoot.



Images will be placed in an online gallery ready for viewing approximately two weeks following the session date. The link for your gallery will be sent to you via email or private Facebook message. 


Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions are usually run quarterly or for special holidays, Winter, Fall, Back to School, Valentines Day, etc. These sessions are usually 15-30 mins long and may or may not be styled. Either way, dressing to the occasion is always recommended and we always encourage people to bring their own props. There are usually a limited number of images given for these sessions. Ideally we like you to select your images before you leave us but if not we will send you a proof gallery within 10 day of the shoot to select images from. The proof gallery will automatically expire after 14 days. There will be a $35 fee to re-post any gallery.



Maternity or Pregnancy Announcement sessions

These sessions are usually done between 26 - 32 weeks. We encourage daddys and siblings to be a part of the session but solo sessions can be beautiful as well. Maternity sessions can include an outfit change but it is not required. We suggest light comfortable clothing for these shoots as well as options that show of that baby bump. Props are always recommended. Sonogram pics, newborn clothing or booties, and babies stuffed animals always make a cute addition. If you are having a belly painting done please come with a clean dry tummy and a two piece outfit. Painting are completely customizable. Just ask or bring a picture of what you'd like and we can probably recreate it. Otherwise, we will dream up something great to adorn your beautiful belly with!


Newborn Sessions

To schedule a newborn session, please call before or right after your baby arrives, so I can plan my schedule to fit your needs. We suggest new born sessions be done within the first two weeks of life to capture those so sweet sleeping baby shots everyone adores. If we are doing an in-hospital shoot please call me as soon as you know you are being admited and the expected delivery date. Not much is needed for theses shoots as the surroundings are usually enough but if you do want to include a newborn outfit or hat thats ok too. 

If the shoot is being done in your home, please shut your air conditioning off 30 minutes before I arrive for our session. Babies don't like the cold so we will want to make them as comfy as possible. This means a warm setting, lots of blankies near by and full tummies. Usually we reccommend you try to schedule your newborns feeding and nap to occure right as we arrive. Try and keep your baby from falling asleep or eating for at least an hour to 90 mins before we arrive. This way while we set up, baby can eat and will hopefully (with fingers crossed) pass out! We know little ones can be difficult and that this is not always possible so if your new baby isn't cooperating don't stress! We will still get great pictures! It just helps mommys prepare for their session if they know what we are aiming for . If the newborn has an older sibling, I will usually greet the sibiling first and then ask them to introduce me to their new baby brother or sister. I will also probably take shots of the sibling introducing me and snuggling their new baby . It really seems to help with jealousy and encourages them to be on their best behavior for the rest of the session.


Krystal Zaskey Photography reserves the right to use all pictures in any form for business, advertising, re-printing and copyright.


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